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True Stories of Demonic Possessions

1. The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

Anneliese Michel, (21 September 1952 – 1 July 1976) was a German woman who underwent Catholic exorcism rites in 1975 and died the next year, due to lack of medical care. Later investigation determined that she was malnourished and dehydrated; her parents and the priests responsible were charged with negligent homicide. The case attracted media and public attention because of the Catholic Church's unusual decision to employ the 400-year-old ritual of exorcism, something that had been rarely seen since the 18th Century. The film The Exorcism of Emily Rose is loosely based on her story.

2. The Fight of Brother Hermes vs 35,000 Evil Spirits 

Hermes Cifuentes, who is called “Brother Hermes” in his home country of Colombia,claims to have exorcised 35,000 evil spirits over the past 25 years. His method of exorcism, covering the body in mud and surrounding it with fire, is very unorthodox. Pictured below is Gisela Marulanda in the process of an exorcism performed by Brother Hermes.

3. The International Association of Exorcists

The Vatican now has an official arm of the church dedicated to the fight against demonic spirits. As of July 1, the Vatican’s International Association of Exorcists has 250 priests across the globe committed to the art of vanquishing evil from humans.


4. The College Exorcism of Bobby Jindal 

Before he was the governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal was just your average college student who tried to compel a demon out of his friend Susan. He wrote about the experience in an article titled “Beating a Demon: Physical Dimensions of Spiritual Warfare.” 

5.The Strange Exorcism of Roland Doe 

In mid 1949, several newspaper articles printed anonymous reports of an alleged possession and exorcism. The source for these reports is thought to be the family's former pastor, Luther Miles Schulze. According to one account, a total of "forty-eight people witnessed this exorcism, nine of them Jesuits."

According to author Thomas B. Allen, Jesuit priest Walter H. Halloran was one of the last surviving eyewitnesses of the events and participated in the exorcism. Allen wrote that a diary kept by attending priest Raymond Bishop detailed the exorcism performed on the pseudonymously identified "Roland Doe" aka "Robbie". Speaking in 2013, Allen "emphasized that definitive proof that the boy known only as "Robbie" was possessed by malevolent spirits is unattainable. Maybe he instead suffered from mental illness or sexual abuse — or fabricated the entire experience." According to Allen, Halloran also "expressed his skepticism about potential paranormal events before his death." When asked in an interview to make a statement on whether the boy had been possessed, Halloran responded saying "No, I can’t go on record, I never made an absolute statement about the things because I didn’t feel I was qualified." 

6. The Exorcism of Mother Theresa

According to the Archbishop of Calcutta, Mother Teresa was the subject of an exorcism. In 1997, Doctors could not explain why Mother Teresa was experiencing insomnia. Archbishop Henry Sebastian D’Souza said, “I thought she might be getting attacked by the devil.”

7. Michael Taylor and the Demon of Murder

In 1974, Taylor's wife, Christine Taylor, stated to a Christian Fellowship Group to which Taylor belonged, in the town of Ossett, Yorkshire, that his relationship with the lay leader of the group, Marie Robinson, was "carnal" in nature. Michael Taylor admitted that he felt evil within him and eventually attacked Robinson verbally, who screamed back at him. During the next meeting, Michael Taylor received an absolution, but nevertheless, his behaviour continued to become more erratic. As a result, the local vicar called in other ministers experienced in deliverance in preparation to cast out the demons residing within the man.

The exorcism, which occurred on 5–6 October 1974 at St. Thames Church in Barnsley was headed by Father Peter Vincent, an Anglican priest of St. Thomas's inGawber, and was aided by a Methodist clergyman, the Rev. Raymond Smith. According to Bill Ellis, an authority on folklore and the occult in contemporary culture, the exorcists believed that they had: "In an all-night ceremony...invoked and cast out at least forty demons, including those of incest, bestiality, blasphemy, and lewdness. At the end, exhausted, they allowed Taylor to go home, although they felt that at least three demons—insanity, murder, and violence—were still left in him."

The exorcism rite, which lasted until 6 a.m., exhausted the priests, who allowed the man to return home. Nevertheless, they cautioned that although they had cast out forty spirits from Michael Taylor, a few remained, including the demon of murder.

While at home Michael Taylor brutally murdered his wife, Christine, and strangled their poodle. He was found by a policeman, naked in the street, covered with blood.

At his trial in March, Taylor was acquitted on the grounds of insanity. The bizarre nature of the case attracted a lot of publicity.

8. Clara Germana Cele

Clara Germana Cele was a South African schoolgirl who, in 1906, was reportedly possessed by a demon. Nuns who were present for Clara’s “condition” claimed that she could speak languages she had never heard before, that she could levitate up to five feet in the air, and that the only thing that would stop the levitation was holy water.

9.Demons f Indiana

Latoya Ammons claims her house in Gary, Indiana was infested with demons. Lights flickered, oil appeared on blinds, shadowy figures appeared from nowhere, and Latoya’s children were talking to ghosts or cursing in demonic voices. After several exorcisms on herself and her family, Ammons says she believes they were tormented by Beelzebub, the lord of the flies.

10. A Tale of Exorcism in the Philippines

National Geographic covered the story of a boy in the Philippines who violently shook whenever scripture was read to him. In the Philippines, the exorcist had to first figure out whether the evil spirit was Satan, or one of the many “demons, evil dwarves, or trolls” that are part of Filipino culture.

11. Julia

Dr. Richard Gallagher, a psychiatrist who is also a delegate to the International Association of Exorcists, wrote this account in the New Oxford Review regarding the demonic possession of a woman he calls Julia. Gallagher says items flew off of shelves while Julia levitated. She also would yell things like “leave her alone, you idiot” or “leave, you imbecile priest.”

12. The Demonic Dog and the Son of Sam

David Berkowitz, known as the Son of Sam, is a serial killer who tormented New York City from 1976 until 1977. When he was finally caught, he claimed that his neighbor’s dog, Harvey, was possessed by a demon that ordered the killings.

13. A Text Message from Hell

Demons pop up in the strangest places. A Polish priest named Father Marian Rajchel performed an exorcism on a teenage girl. After the ceremony was completed, Father Rajchel claims he began to receive text messages from the evil spirit he tried to cast out.


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