Monday, December 22, 2014

Ba Jiao Gui 芭蕉鬼

芭蕉鬼 (read as bā jiāo guǐ) which literally means "Banana Ghost" is described to be a female ghost which lives in Banana trees and appears wailing under the tree at night, sometimes carrying a baby. In some folk tales from Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, people who are greedy asks the ba jiao gui for some lucky numbers in hope of winning a large amount of money. They tie a red string around the tree trunk and stick sharp needles in it and then tie the other end of the string to their beds. At night, the ghost appears and begs the person to set her free, and in return, she will give him a set of winning numbers. If the person does not fulfill his/her promise to set the ghost free after winning, he/she will meet with a horrible death. This ghost is often likened to the Pontianak in Malay folklore.


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