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Trans Eastern Airlines 395 Omens

Trans Eastern Airlines 395 was a scheduled flight from Johannesburg to Grandview, Driscoll County, that on May 11, 2006 crashed in Grandview killing all 228, but 20 victims were not identified; 2 victims on ground, including Andrea Marino.

The aircraft took off on May 10, 2006 from Johannesburg, and during the flight the cabin pressure dropped dramatically causing a drop in temperature. The depressurization occured when the plane was flying over the Atlantic. With the pilot dead, the plane slowly descended, the ghost of the pilot frequently appeared to Melinda Gordon during the days of May 10 and May 11. The pilot told Melinda the passengers were only sleeping, so they must not have died until the plane crashed. The Pilot told Melinda that the plane had yet to crash, forcing Melinda to called the FAA and other Organizations to let them know the plane had no living pilot. While no one believed Melinda or even Andrea, Melinda got a visit from a stewardess, who told her they were flying from Johannesburg. Melinda told Andrea, whose brother was flying from Johannesburg that day, and she left the store minutes before the plane flew over Grandview's Main Street and crashed seconds later.

All 228 on board the plane died when the plane crashed, though Amy Fields, an air hostess, died beforehand while visiting Melinda the previous day. 2 victims were on ground, which included Andrea Marino, who was driving in her car towards her brother's apartment, whom she believed to have been on that flight. There was only one survivor, a young girl who was in the car with her mother when the plane flew over the car she was in and killed her mother who was driving.

A memorial service for the victims of Flight 395 was held at the crash site on May 11, 2007, where a monument was placed to commemorate all 230 fatalities of the crash where friends and family would walk the site holding a single candle in their hands.

The Omen

Throughout the days of May 10 and May 11, Melinda Gordon experienced confusing omens of the plane crash and her best friend's death from it. In the morning of May 10, a dove flew into Melinda's bedroom window, causing her to wake up and investigate. Death of a Dove is one of the show's bad five signs, later explored in the series, which is an omen for the death of a loved one. Later, Melinda and Jim Clancy find the fridge frozen inside, destroying all the food, and the kitchen windows also frozen. Soon after, Melinda hears banging and a female voice, which is later explained to be the air hostess, reanacting when she was on the flight banging on the door to the pilot's cabin telling him it's too cold and something is wrong. When crossing the Square, Melinda notices a bus full of people, but while they are normal to everyone else, to her she sees them as frozen screaming ghosts. This would be how the passengers of the plane would be. In Village Java, Melinda is the only one who can hear a loud noise of a plane landing. Melinda tells Jim she has a horrible feeling of dread, that something terrible is going to happen. She also feels a "heaviness in the air".

When Melinda goes home after seeing Jim in the Firehouse, she realizes the temperature is cold. Then the whole house begins to shake as if it was an earthquake. Romano appears outside the living room window, which is also frozen. Melinda has a dream of everything going faster than she is, and a man points to a window with an outline of the Wide Brim Hat Man, who then smashes the window similar to how the windows in Grandview Square's stores smash when the plane crashes later in the episode. The watch Andrea bought for her brother keeps stopping. The second time it stops the time is revealed to be 10:30am. This turns out to be the time the plane crashes on Grandview, and also Andrea's time of death. It stops for a third time when Melinda and Andrea are at a cafe talking about the Ghost Pilot. When Melinda is visited by the Ghost Pilot for the second time, he tells her that the captain goes down with his ship, and that the others are still sleeping. Present tense. He tells her that they are close. Melinda sees the Laughing Man in the middle of Grandview Square holding the watch Andrea bought for her brother, Mitch. The Ghost Pilot stands on top of a building and tells Melinda the plane is still flying and has yet to crash.

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"Knock", written by Fredric Brown, is a science fiction short story that starts with a short-short story based on the following text of Thomas Bailey Aldrich:

Imagine all human beings swept off the face of the earth, excepting one man. Imagine this man in some vast city, New York or London. Imagine him on the third or fourth day of his solitude sitting in a house and hearing a ring at the door-bell! (Ponkapog Papers, 1904)

Fredric Brown condensed this text to "a sweet little horror story that is only two sentences long." Knock then goes on to elaborate on those two sentences and build a more complete plot around them.

It was published in the December 1948 issue of Thrilling Wonder Stories. There have been three different radio adaptations (Dimension X, X Minus One and Sci Fi Channel's Seeing Ear Theatre). The story was reprinted in The Best Science Fiction Stories: 1949,


The first three lines are a complete story by themselves:"The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door..."

The Zan have killed off all life on Earth other than pairs of specimens for their zoo of exotic Earth fauna. Walter Phelan is the last man on Earth, but Grace Evans, the last woman, is not overly impressed with him and maintains her distance.

The Zan, who are immortal, become disturbed when, one by one, the other animals begin to die. They turn to Walter for advice. He tells them that the creatures have perished from lack of affection, suggesting that they pet the survivors regularly to keep them alive. He demonstrates with one of them. When the Zan begin to die, they depart the planet in fear. It is then revealed that the creature Walter advised them to pet was a poisonous snake.

Then Walter discusses the future of the human race with Grace. She is shocked by his proposal and leaves as he intended to use the Zan technology left behind to create "the master race". The narrative then ends as it began:"The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door..."

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The Real Haunting in Connecticut

In 1986 Carmen and Al Snedeker moved to the small town of Southington, Connecticut, with the purpose of being closer to the hospital at which their oldest son was being treated for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Having fallen on hard financial times, the family jumped at the chance to rent what appeared to be the perfect house. It was large enough for their family, which included three children and a cousin, and the rent was in their affordable price range. It was while they were moving in that Al made a startling discovery: In the basement was a peculiar room that was complete with embalming tables and tools. The house, it turned out, used to be a funeral home. Moreover, the basement, which was sectioned into several rooms, was the only room deemed large enough to serve as the two boys’ bedroom.

Not long after, Carmen says she began experiencing strange phenomena, like items disappearing and her children reporting seeing strange people in the house, as well as hearing voices and the sounds of hundreds of birds taking flight. Her oldest, who was at the time in the middle of radiation treatment, began to exhibit radical personality shifts, becoming withdrawn and angry. He brooded and began writing poetry with necrophiliac themes. During one intense episode he attacked his cousin with the intent to rape her. His family had him arrested and taken for an evaluation, where he was pronounced schizophrenic. He was removed from the house and seemed to get better until returning.

Other phenomena that were reported by the Snedekers included the repeated and brutal rape of both Carmen and her niece, as well as acts of sodomy being performed on her husband, by unseen entities. Mop water was reported to turn blood red, and the scents of rotting flesh and decay were reported throughout the house. She was also frightened of apparitions that she saw, one with long black hair and black eyes, the other with white hair and eyes and wearing a pinstriped tuxedo. It was then that Carmen decided to contact controversial paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Along with John Zaffis and a few investigators, the Warrens moved into the house for several weeks until they’d experienced everything the Snedekers claimed. During their time in the house, they claim to have seen first-hand the damage the “demons” in the home could inflict, with many members being slapped and beaten, pushed, and slammed to the floor. Investigation into the history of the house supposedly revealed that one of the undertakers at the funeral home was found guilty of necrophilia, which fed fuel to the fire. It got to the point that the Warrens deemed it necessary for a full-scale exorcism of the property, after which the house was judged “cleared” by the Warrens. With the evil banished from the house, that should have been the end of the story. But it wasn’t.

The Haunting in Connecticut, 2009
This haunting story is featured in the movie "The Haunting in Connecticut", 2009.

A Haunting poster

A more realistic version of the story is portrayed in an episode of the TV show "A Haunting" titled "In Connecticut".
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