Sunday, July 5, 2015

Creepy Doll Found in a Busy Singaporean Street

Even if you aren't a believer of the paranormal, this story will give you chills. On a busy street in Singapore, locals stumbled across a small doll that was leaning up against a tree. It looked like an antique and its eyes were bound, with strange writing on the cloth. No one was nearby to claim the doll. After researching the doll's backstory and the words written on the blindfold, it became clear that this wasn't an item to be returned to the lost and found.

According to the person who posted the pictures online: The doll was found beside a busy street in Singapore. The Arabic word on the cloth is translated as "bismillah.” (I think it's to trap whatever jinn or curse is inside from coming out or following the owner back home. Others speculate it's a product of black magic.) Stories from Twitter revealed the following: That the doll is possessed and has been moving around on its own when the original owner isn't home. She bound the eyes and left it far away from home so it wouldn't follow her back. Some say the doll could be heard talking when it's left alone in a room and is found with its head turned in a different direction. People heard it speak in the Malay language and sound like an adult female. The original owner found that the only way to get rid of it and make sure it won't come back is to cover its eyes. The curse is rumored to have passed on to someone else who found it and untied the cloth unknowingly. The doll has been missing since being discovered.On the very day the locals found it, there was a freaky suicide (guy hanging beside an apartment block) and murder case, which could be coincidence. Source: Reddit Trusting dolls is always a bad idea. As it turns out, this doll in particular was created by an artist that specializes in creating creepy dolls.


13 Facts About the Number 13

1. There are 13 months in the pagan lunar calendar.

2. More than 80 percent of high-rises lack a 13th floor.

3. 13 turns make a traditional hangman's noose. Anything less would not complete the execution.

4. Airplanes have no 13th seat and airports skip the 13th gate.

5. Hospitals and hotels regularly have no room number 13.

6. Italians omit the number 13 from their national lottery.

7. On streets in Florence, Italy, the house between number 12 and 14 is addressed as 12 and a half.

8. Many cities do not have a 13th Street or a 13th Avenue

9. In France, socialites known as the quatorziens (fourteeners) once made themselves available as 14th guests to keep a dinner party from an unlucky fate.

10. On Friday, October 13, 1307, King Phillip IV of France ordered the arrest of the Grand Master of the Knights Templar and his senior knights and other members who were tortured in to admitting "wrongdoings" and executed.

11. In British tradition, Friday was the conventional day for public hangings, and there were supposedly 13 steps leading up to the noose.

12. There were 13 people present at The Last Supper (Jesus and the 12 Apostles).

13. Alfred Hitchcock was haunted by the number 13 which is why he incorporated it in some way in many of his movies. He would have turned 100 on April 13th, 1999 which happened to be a Friday.


The Randy Ervin Haunting

Below is the story writthen by Randy Ervin himself, about the haunting that happened to him almost 4 decades ago.

Randy Ervin
The House on Church Street
By Randy Ervin

This is a true story of my experience in the supernatural. The title I choose expresses the nightmare I once lived which started in 1972. This is a story about a haunted house I lived in about 30 years ago. In Standish, Michigan. I was only 21 years old when I moved into this very innocent looking, but very haunted house. After moving in, sometime later I had opened doors I could not close. I was to find out I had awoken the spirits that inhabited a Native American Indian grave site under the house.

My life turned into a nightmare that would escalate into a battle between good and evil nightly for four years. Many years ago, my dad purchased an old house that was estimated to be about 100 years old. While digging underneath the house in preparation to level it with jacks, he stumbled upon some bones. After a little thought and some dismay, he determined that the bones appeared to be human. He was very upset and dumbfounded by this discovery. Still in shock and disbelief, he turned the bones over to an official to be tested. Later, he was told that the bones had been from the body of a Native American and that there could be more bones under the house. They believed that my dad may have discovered a Native American burial ground. At that time no one seemed concerned, as Michigan was known to have Native American burial sites state-wide.

My dad did not wish to disturb the burial ground any more than he already had. He placed the bones back under the house and buried them in the same spot he had found them. He did not continue to investigate, hoping he had not disturbed any spirits that were at rest or protecting the burial ground. It was a well known fact that many burial grounds in the state of Michigan were thought to have had curses placed on them by the Native Americans years ago for protection against intruders.

While researching for my book years later, I searched for a reason for the horrifying intensity of my encounter with the supernatural. I began to collect as much data as I could find. At the local area Pinconning Library, I discovered an interesting book about the area's Native American villages. The Arenac County historian at the time was Calvin Ennes, the author of the document titled History of Arenac County, Michigan. The document is a 200-year genealogy of the Arenac County glossary of several Native Americans. This placed several tribes somewhere within the towns of Sterling and Augres and the city of Standish over many hundred years, although their exact location was unknown. The water shoreline at that time would have brought some of their villages into the city of Standish today.

In this research I came across the findings of a Native American Indian camp that was located just in the City limits Of Standish. They had a tribe Shaman among them. (This is a term for an American Indian holy man, basically a spiritualist (medium), who would communicate with the spirit world for guidance.) They believed that there were good and evil spirits dwelling in the spiritual realm. This shaman was known to intercede with the spirits called "The False Faces" (they would carve an image of a distorted face from a living tree, cut a long strand of hair from the tail of a horse, and attach It to the back of the faces). They would dance around the sacred fire while wearing these wooden faces as masks to summon these spirits to come forth. When these distorted bodiless beings appeared, they would be sent to haunt and terrorize the enemy villages throughout the surrounding areas of Arenac County including their family members and of course, "anyone else who would get in their way".

Public Appearance "New Dominion Pictures" will re-enact a story I wrote. It will be aired on National TV over, "The Discovery Channel", in a one hour presentation on the series called "A haunting". It will air sometime in Oct, 2006.

The haunting of Randy Ervin is also told in an episode of A Haunting (S03E04) titled "The Unleashed".