Tuesday, May 19, 2015

15 Mysterious and Frightening Photos

1. Mysterious Victorian Photo

2. Strange Amazon River Creature

3. 1945 Car Accident

4. Holes in the Russian Forest

5. John Torrington, a Royal Navy stoker who’s body was found and exhumed in 1984.

6. Facial Composite of Mozzart

7. Mysterious Sea Creature

8. Kiera Hitler, Adolph's Mother

9. Mysterious Photo Bomber

10. Comparison of a Lotus Feet to a Tea Cup and a Regular Shoes

11. The Scary Appearance of the Wealthiest Hand of St. Valentin

12. The Kiss of Death

13. This husband took this photo 2 days after his wife died

14. Security camera footage shows a creature on top of a man who died few hours before this photo was taken

15. This is Madam Valvet – voted as the scariest women alive in UK

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