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Haunted Dolls

1. Robert the Doll

Robert the Doll is a doll that was once owned by Key West painter and author Robert Eugene Otto. The doll is alleged to be possessed by spirits, and has a terrifying reputation. 

The doll, which is supposedly cursed, has become a fixture of ghost tours in the Key West area since it was inducted into the Fort East Martello Museum. Aesthetically, Robert resembles an early 20th-century American sailor. Contrary to popular belief, however, the doll's hair is not made of human hair, but rather, it consists of a synthetic material resembling wool yarn.
Supposedly, Eugene was given the doll in 1906 by a Bahamian servant who was skilled in black magic and voodoo and was displeased with the family. Soon afterward, the family supposed that there was something eerie about the doll. Eugene's parents often heard him talking to the doll and supposed that the doll spoke back. Although at first they assumed that Eugene was simply answering himself in a changed voice, they claimed to have later realized that the doll was actually speaking.

Neighbors claimed to have seen the doll moving from window to window when the family was out. Sometimes the doll would emit a terrifying giggle, and the Otto family caught glimpses of it running from room to room. In the night Eugene would scream, and when his parents ran to the room, they would find furniture knocked over and Eugene in bed, looking incredibly scared, telling them that "Robert did it!". In addition, guests claim to have seen Robert's expression change before their eyes and he often blinked.

When Eugene died in 1974, the doll was left in the attic until the house was bought again. The new family included a ten-year old girl, who became Robert's new owner. It was not long before the girl began screaming out in the night, claiming that Robert moved about the room and even attempted to attack her on multiple occasions. More than thirty years later, she still tells interviewers that the doll was alive and wanted to kill her.

"Child's Play" (1988)
Robert the Doll was the inspiration of the film "Child's Play"(1988).

2. Mandy the Doll

Mandy is a porcelain baby doll made in England or Germany between 1910 and 1920 and donated to the Quesnel Museum in British Columbia in 1991. Mandy’s donor had said she would hear crying in the middle of the night coming from the basement, and it wasn’t until after she gave Mandy away that the crying ceased.

Though the crying stopped for the donor, strange occurrences continued as Mandy took up her new residency at the museum. Employees say lunches go missing, only to turn up elsewhere in the building. Footsteps are heard when no one is around, and office supplies like pencils and books always appear to be in a different spot from where they were last placed.

It took the museum some time to decide where to place Mandy. They say she couldn’t be encased with other dolls because she had a tendency to harm them. Visitors to the museum say her eyes will blink or follow you wherever you walk. She also likes to mess with camera equipment whenever anyone tries to photograph or film her.

3. Annabelle the Doll

Annabelle is an allegedly haunted doll residing in the Warren Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut. The doll has been compared to Robert the Doll.

The actual doll is a rag doll unlike the films which portray her as a porcelain doll.

The doll was given as a gift in the 1970s to 28-year-old nursing student, Donna. It was purchased at a second-hand Raggedy Ann store. Donna’s roommate, Angie, was the first to notice strange occurrences in the doll. She purported that the doll would move on its own sometimes crossing its arms or legs. Both noticed that sometimes doors which had been left open would close when no one was home. The roommates also found notes with the words "Help Us" written.

A spirit medium was hired and believed the spirit of a seven year old girl named Annabelle Higgins who died on the property possessed the doll. However, Annabelle later became malevolent and attacked a mutual friend named, Lou.

Angie and Donna hired Ed and Lorraine Warren, two established demonologists, to investigate. The Warrens claimed the doll was possessed not by a spirit, but a demon. A priest was hired to exorcise the apartment and the doll was taken by the Warrens and placed in a museum with the sign, "WARNING: Positively Do Not Touch".

"The Conjuring" (2013)                                          "Annabelle" (2014)

Annabelle was featured in the movie "The Conjuring"(2013) and "Annabelle"(2014).

4. Pupa the Doll

Pupa was owned by one owner from the day she was given to the child in the 1920’s until she died in 2005. The child and pupa lived in Trieste, Italy at the time. Pupa is about 14 inches tall. The head arms and legs are made of felt. The hair is reportedly made of real human hair. The owner cherished it through out her life. The doll traveled from Italy to the United States then back to Italy and across Europe and finally ending up back in the USA. Pupa is still in her original clothes, a blue suit made of felt.

The original owner said that Pupa was alive and had a mind of her own. She even told her grand children stories that it was her best friend and most beloved confidant. She told them Pupa talked to her over the years and even saved her life. The photo for this story was taken in 1928 and shows pupa, the owner and her brother.

Since the passing of the original owner in 2005 the family reports that the haunted doll has become very active and seems to want to be released from where she is kept. There are reposts that people discovering the glass of the case steamed white and, inscribed on the steamy glass from the inside of the case by what appears to be a small child's fingertip, the words 'Pupa hate'. Often she is said to push things around in the display case where the family who owns her keep her. Pupa is said to move by herself. Pupa was placed differently than when the family last saw her. More than once, the family have reported hearing a sound like someone tapping on glass as they pass Pupa's display case. When they turn to look, they have seen Pupa's hand pressed against the glass or her legs crossed when they were not before. This activity seems to be something in common
with both Mandy and Robert.

One member of the family reportedly managed to catch the doll rising to its feet and walking within the case on video. However on the three occasions he tried to upload the video onto Youtube, the video was obscured with a mysterious thick white film and the words "Pupa No!" scribbled on the film in a childish handwriting.

We at Nghtwatch have been unable to find out where Pupa is currently located. If anyone happens to know where this little one is located we would like to know. I cannot help but wonder if Pupa wants to get out and be reunited with her beloved owner. It would be nice to have a happy doll story to talk about from time to time.

5. Harold the Doll

This doll was offered on Ebay, the infamous "Haunted Harold" doll seems from the story it moves and voices are heard comming from it. It looks very much like many of my own dolls, it is composition, probably made in the 1930s, and there was a brief film where it does apear to move slightly but it seems to have disappeared off the internet like a ghost. When he was first listed, the claims made by Greg, the seller were so outlandish that Harold was discussed on Art Bell's Coast to Coast radio show, and paranormal websites were discussing this doll around the world.

"Haunted Harold" doll that started it all, from websites and news articles devoted to him. He seems yo be very popular still. Haunted or not his story will gone down in "Haunted Web History". The new owner bought him to do doll restoration on and nothing more. Haunted? well he says so for nothiing has happened to prove it or not.


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