Thursday, January 8, 2015

Deadly Serial Killer: Rose West

Charmaine West didn’t get along with her stepmother Rose, but when she was eight years old her dad was jailed and someone had to look after her.

More than two decades later, the little girl’s skeleton was found in the coal cellar of the family’s Gloucester home.

For evil Rose West, taking care of someone meant killing them... with or without her husband Fred’s help.

Following Myra Hindley’s death in 2002, West became the only woman serving a whole-life tariff after she was convicted in 1995 of killing a string of young women.

Together with her husband Fred West, who committed suicide while on remand, they sexually molested, murdered and dismembered young girls they found on the street.

The couple’s typical pattern was to pick up girls from bus stops around Gloucester and imprison them in their home for several days before killing them.

Bodies were found buried in the gardens of the couple’s homes or in the cellar.

Rose, who sometimes worked as a ­prostitute, had eight children – five by Fred, who she met while still a teenager, and three by ­clients.

In June 1971 she murdered Charmaine, the daughter of Fred’s former wife Rena, and buried her in their previous home at 25 Midland Road, while Fred West was serving a prison sentence for petty theft.

One of the bodies found at the now infamous 25 Cromwell Street was her own daughter ­Heather, 16, who was murdered by Fred in June 1987 after being abused by Rosemary while Fred raped her.

The Wests had told friends Heather had gone away to work at a holiday village.

Another victim was Shirley Robinson, who was eight months pregnant by Fred when she disappeared in April 1978.

She had written to her father Baden ­Robinson, 61, a former RAF man who runs an English pub in Cologne, Germany, saying: “I am expecting a child from Freddy. We are in love.” Her unborn child was found by her remains which were discovered in the back garden at Cromwell Street.

Lynda Gough vanished in April 1973 from Gloucester, where she had a rented flat and worked as a seamstress.

Hers was the eighth set of remains found, excavated from six feet below the ground-floor bathroom.

West, who has never confessed to her heinous crimes, has made a life for herself in prison, playing monopoly, browsing mail order catalogues and buying clothes, according to reports.

In 2010 another prisoner revealed West had struck up a sickening relationship with Baby P’s mother Tracey Connelly – even making her breakfast in bed.

Another report suggested West had become a skilled chef and on Sundays is allowed to cook for the five other women in her unit, with her meat-and-potato pie said to be one of their favourites.


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